Cut and Bend

Cut and Bend

Cut and Bend services is one of the prefabrication solutions aimed at helping customers raise productivity standards in construction. We do this by working closely with customers to deliver solutions that are customized to the project blueprint, redefining concepts of time, inventory and manpower management, and material wastage reduction. Cut and Bend service is now available in Japan, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, and European countries. It helps organizing the construction sites, saving the time and lifting up the standard

Product Catalog

Many projects use Cut and Bend service since 2006, samples of major projects such as, Bridge across Lam Pao Dam, Segment Concrete of Suvarnabhumi Airport, “Girder” Southern Ring Road Building of Shangri-la Hotel, Condominium PACIFIC GENERAL, Rajadamri Tower, Millennium Resident Tower, Magnolia Rajadamri Project, Lumpini Condo Town Project, Chonburi Province, Military Academy Building etc.

Cut And Bend Benefits

  • No Wastages: Since cutting & bending process will done at Tata Steel Cut and Bend Service center, hence the wastages at the site becomes zero and we take care of all the generated wastages.
  • Less Labor hassles: Laborers at a construction site essentially perform two functions involving rebars; cutting and bending and tying. Cut and Bend Service will significantly reduce the dependence on the laborers for cut and bend activities.
  • Better Time Management: Cut and Bend service is delivered within 3 to 5 days after finalization of the design thereby significantly reducing pressure at the project manager’s end to adhere to deadlines.
  • Unmatched Quality: Being a Tata Tiscon rebar, Cut and Bend service is made from high quality standard rebars giving it superior strength and ductility than others unknown rebars in the market.
  • Better inventory management: Owing to its customized design and “On time in full” delivery pattern, Cut and Bend is present just in time at site on requirement. This not only reduces the amount of space you need to utilize for keeping rebars, it also helps you in saving costs associated with wastage and labor.
  • No misplacing of materials: Cut and Bend can be easily managed and its different shapes can be easily recognized with the use of identification tags.
  • Freedom in Design: The machines use to make Cut and Bend can transform any Tata Tiscon rebar into a shape you envision. You can now have the freedom to design complex columns, pillars, and ceilings.
  • Lower Working Capital: Cut and Bend service brings with it a design suited to the project requirements thereby reducing the cost involved in cutting and bending by the laborers. Cut and Bend service also keeps your inventory costs to a minimum so that you save on real estate and overhead associated with wastage.
  • Timely Completion of project: Cut and Bend service help from two coordinators as part of the after sales team guiding the usage of the cut and bent steel rebars for usage ensures that your construction ends on time with the best possible materials. The spill over benefits includes living a happy life supported by the Tata trust.