Structures in Thailand, either buildings or infrastructure, usually use steel reinforced concrete in their construction. The strength in the structure comes from balance between rebar and concrete which give them firmness and endurance.


REBAR: The Heart of Every Structure


Steel used in structures are reinforcing steel or rebar which can be put into two categories:


Round bars have smooth surface, range from 6 mm. to 28 mm. in diameter and come in 10 meters and 12 meters, suitable for small to medium structure.


                Deformed bars have ribs twined along the bars for better binding results. Deformed bars range from 10 mm. up to 40 mm. in diameter and come in both 10 meters and 12 meters. They have high binding strength suitable for reinforced concrete structures that need high strength.


Use standard steel for quality work


Steel bars are the heart of construction work, therefore the selected rebars for each job must be of the right quality. Nowadays, buying steel is more convenient since there are regulations that manufacturers have to attach product tags on rebar bundles. Each tag must have the name of manufacturer, product type, steel grade, size, length, pieces per bundle, batch number, production date and time, and TIS code and symbol. The most important factor in buying is to select the brand that can be trusted. The advantage of selecting a trusted brand from quality manufacturers is that there are other services provided, such as Cut and Bend service, Tapping and Coupler service, and ready-made stirrups.


Apart from the mentioned detail, diameter must also be checked that it is according to TIS or, as it is casually called, “full bar”. For instance, 9 mm steel must not have diameter less than 9 mm and must weigh 0.499 kg/m. Measurement can be done with either a Vernier caliper, measuring tape, or a ruler. Every piece in the bundle must be of standard and every bundle must have number of pieces as stated in the product tag. Another thing that should not be missed while selecting rebars is that they should not be corroded.


Having checked all critical factor and selected a trusted brand means that you have chosen rebars with standard.