Look for brand and TIS certificate when buying angles and channels.

The steel and construction industries categorize angles and channels into structural steel ranging from small to large sizes. However, no matter what the size, it is not a small issue to overlook the TIS standard.

Select from Appearance and Brand

Angles and Channels are hot-rolled structural steel produced to Thai Industrial Standard TIS 1227-2558 (2015). They can effectively support all forces and are lighter than reinforced concrete, suitable for structures such as factory roofs, warehouses, warehouse columns, transmission line towers, factories, advertisement boards, house roof frames, and common internal and external building structure.

Angles are hot-rolled structural steel in the shape of an “L” whose identical sides make a 90 degrees angle to each other and have weight tolerance at not more than +/- 3% of the standard specification. Angles have smooth surface and come in a variety of sizes ranging from one inch up to six inches and have thickness ranging from 3 mm. to 15 mm. for various uses.

Channels are hot-rolled structural steel in the shape of the letter “U”. Each side of the U has the same thickness and makes a 90 degrees angle to each other and have smooth surface.

Not only appearance, brands of manufacturers must also be taken into consideration since brands are guarantees of TIS.

TATA STEEL Angles and Channels

The Siam Iron and Steel (2001) Co. Ltd. Or SISCO, located in Saraburi, has operated since 1967 and manufactures angles and channels under the brand With more than 50 years of experience and high production quality, angles and channels produced by SISCO are widely recognized and reliable that they are used in structures that require high strength and high safety measures. SISCO produces channels in sizes 75x40 mm. and 100x50 mm. and angles from size 40x40 mm. up to 100x100 mm. in 6 to 12 meters. All angles and channels are produced in grades SS400-SS540 and SM400 and conform to TIS 1227-2558 (2015).

The brand of TATA Steel angles and channels can be clearly seen as it is embossed onto the steel making it easier to select. All steel are guaranteed under the Thai Industrial Standard or TIS, using top grade scrap which leads to assured quality under the slogan “Strong, Smooth Cut, Right Degree”.

Steel is not a small matter so, apart from brands, buyers must also look for certificate of TIS 1227-2558 (2015). If all these aspects are met, buyers can be assured to have angles and channels that conform with the Thai Industrial Standard and suitable for that specific construction type.


Buy angles and channels with brand and TIS 1227-2558(2015) certificate”