World class production process and quality control


Tata tiscon SD 50 rebars which are produced an EAF process is process that get rid of contaminated in melted steel. Melted steel in this process are purely and homogeneous. According to EAF process steel are hardy steady match to customer demand and be in line with world standard. through The Tempcore Process imparts high strength to the bar using the technique of thermo-mechanical treatment system (T.M.T).


Economic value added by SD 50


After a comparative study of design, using deformed bars SD 40 is compared to SD 50, it is found that SD 50 can use less quantity  of rebar than SD 40 in the project 15-20%.


Key benefits of Tata tiscon SD 50

Higher BOND STRENGTH: The rib pattern of Tata Tiscon SD 50 has been specially designed to ensure that excellent bond strength is developed between the bar and the surrounding concrete.

Excellent BENDABILITY: Due to the controlled process of manufacturing rebars under the Tempcore Process the tough outer surface and soft core of Tata Tiscon SD 50, results in a rebar with excellent values of bendability. This has obvious advantages at construction sites.

Bendability higher than SD 50 standard and high toughness

More ECONOMY: Tata tiscon SD 50 is higher strength rebars with elongation implying that you can economize on steel consumption without sacrificing safety. No wonder, use of Tata tiscon SD 50 leads to savings of up to 18% in cost over normal SD 40 grade rebars.

Maintains Quality, Cut Cost: Tata Tiscon SD 50, the high strength ribbed reinforcement bar has been specially created for high strength applications. It is ideal for applications like dams, bridges, high rises building or any other critical structure where high yield strength is required without compromising on the elongation properties.



Project Owner gains benefits directly from using Tata tiscon SD 50 because of cost saving due to less rebars for construction when compared with using SD 40. It can save up to 15-20%


Designer, selecting Tata tiscon SD 50 is the solution for solving structural design condition which concern with rebar volume usage, loads and drawing complication that SD 40 can’t do. 


Structural Engineer / Contractor Tata tiscon SD 50 increase work’s efficiency due to reduce rebar in construction, reduce time for rebar work and easily to pour concrete. With Tata Tiscon SD50, your construction will more quality, safety and finished on time.


Consumer and Public can have more safety benefits when building or infrastructure use construction materials which are conformed with standard and higher in strength especially with Tata tiscon SD 50


Many projects are confident with Tata Tiscon  SD 50 such as Suvarnabhumi Airport, Rama VIII Bridge, Sky Train, Expressway Special Project Srirat-Bangkok External Ring Road, The Best Condominium, Sukhumvit 77 etc.


Tata Tiscon grade SD 50


Tata tiscon SD 50 is the new generation high strength reinforcement bar which is product from Tata Steel (Thailand). Tata tiscon SD 50 is produced using the “Tempcore Process” which give result of the best combination of Strength and Ductility and an unparalleled quality consistency.