Increasing safety in natural disaster risk area for all households by TATA TISCON Super Ductile 


Using more ductile rebar increases a safety of house and building particularly those in storm, or natural disaster area such as northern, western-center, southern region. This includes Bangkok and perimeters where geography is soft clay which extra shock from earthquake may cause the damage to the building is increasing and may reoccur at any time.

TATA TISCON Super Ductile is "more ductile" which means high elongation, easy to bend without crack. The building that uses TATA TISCON Super Ductile will be safer because of stronger with extra shock absorption, more ductile, easier construction, and no concern about crack when bending rebar.



Qualifications that make TATA TISCON Super Ductile different from other rebar:

·        20% more ductile compare to normal rebar. More bending than normal rebar without crack. So, it is convenient to use in construction work because it is easy to bend without cracking. As a result, the house or building is stronger and more durable than using normal rebar in construction.

·        TATA TISCON Super Ductile has higher rib which provides good bonding with cement.

·        This super ductile rebar is also more elongated than normal rebar. This rebar has extra uniformity to distribute force than normal rebar. The structure that uses this rebar is more elongated than the typical rebar structure over 15% *.

·        Extra shock absorption, such as earthquake, than normal rebar. It is popular in foreign countries that use super ductile rebar for buildings in earthquake area. (The buildings that use TATA TISCON Super Ductile has more shock absorption capacity than typical rebar 25% *)

·        In addition, TATA TISCON Super Ductile passes the production control strictly. For example, control yield strength to low variation. This makes it easier for construction designer to predict the building behavior precisely than compare to normal rebar construction which does not have extra control mechanical parameters and high fluctuate on mechanical properties.


Recently, TATA TISCON Super Ductile uses widely in many countries such as USA, Australia, New Zealand, England, Singapore, etc. In Thailand, this type of rebar is popular in Northern region of Thailand such as Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Lampang, etc. Also, there are many projects in Bangkok or other regions that uses it in construction such as OKA HAUS by Sansiri, KEEN Sriracha project by Golden Casa, etc.

Add safety for your happy family with TATA TISCON Super Ductile.


* Reference: A study in failure behaviors of a concrete beam reinforced with super ductile steel, KMITL


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